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Become a Member

Member Benefits

  • Participate in shaping the future of our profession

  • Take part in RANH meetings for networking opportunities

  • Leadership opportunities are available

  • Share experiences with other reflexologists at quarterly RANH meetings, events and workshops

  • Participate in Health Fairs and Public Events

  • Members are listed on RANH website

  • Professional members receive discount on liability insurance with ABMP

  • Receive information on legislative policies impacting reflexologists

  • Receive member discounts on Workshops and Continuing Education Credits



Professional Membership: 

*Requires certification from ARCB American Reflexology Certification Board, and a reflexology license issued by the state of NH. Documentation of NH license and ARCB certification is required. Certification from another board will not be considered. Proof of license and national certification MUST be scanned and emailed to process applications.  RANH reserves the right to verify all credentials.


Professional members may take full part in the association, set policy, vote, hold office, receive a certificate of membership, or renewal card, receive membership mailings, the newsletter, attend all functions, receive discounts on Association sponsored events, use the RANH logo, and be listed on the web site.                                                                    

Associate Membership:

It is open to reflexologists not meeting the Professional member criteria, a student training in reflexology, a client or other interested person, school, business, or other entity desiring to support the field of reflexology.  Only Associate member schools and businesses will be listed on the RANH website.  Associate members may not hold office, vote, or set policy.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: will receive a certificate or membership, or renewal card, receive membership mailings, the newsletter, attend all functions, receive discounts on Association sponsored events and use the RANH logo.     


Professional Membership: $55 Year -  July 1 - June 30     

Prorated Last 6 months -- NEW Member only:    $25 for January 1- June 30

Associate Membership:  $35 Year - June 1 - July 30         

Prorated Last 6 months - NEW Member only:   $15 for January 1- June 30

To become a member of the Reflexology Association of New Hampshire, please download and complete this membership application. 

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