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Why be Part of an Association?

The Reflexology Association of NH (RANH) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the ethical and legal practice of Reflexology through information and education. RANH encourages the professional advancement of Reflexology.

Its mission is to elevate and standardize the quality of Reflexology services available to the public in the State of New Hampshire. The RANH works to unify and support individuals in order to create unity towards greater excellence and integrity. There is very little awareness among professionals and educators in bodywork fields that there are separate licensing requirements for Reflexology.  A “license” is a document issued by the state and is mandatory for the individual to obtain before they can work in their profession in the state.

Its mission is also to promote and model wellness through touch; professionalism through education; knowledge through inquiry; and caring through community service.

The RANH is dedicated to keeping its members informed of new methods and techniques, pending legislation, and fostering of community awareness of the Reflexology profession.

Membership demonstrates you are involved in the field of reflexology and actively support its growth. Reflexologists can support each other everywhere in the world through the strength of numbers created by membership associations. This is an exciting time to join. No matter what your goals are, let’s do it together and help keep spreading the word of reflexology!

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