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NH Reflexologists are taking steps to advance their profession


Governor Sununu Supported the RANH by Proclaiming Reflexology Awareness Week in NH, September 23-28, 2019

By Andrea Montgomery

Oct 10, 2019 

Members of our Reflexology Association of New Hampshire (RANH) would like to express our gratitude to New Hampshire Governor, Christopher T. Sununu, for proclaiming the week of September 23-28 as Reflexology Awareness Week.

World Reflexology Week gives reflexologists worldwide an opportunity to promote, educate, and provide the opportunities for residents in their communities an opportunity to experience reflexology. One of the missions of the Reflexology Association of New Hampshire is to educate the public about the difference between reflexology and a foot massage. To quote the current President of RANH; "My biggest goal is to use RANH as a catalyst to educate people about the importance of looking for a Licensed and Nationally Certified Reflexologist. Reflexology and massage are separate modalities that require special training. The benefits receiving a reflexology session from a Licensed reflexologist are much greater than having a foot massage."

Recently there have been issues arise with massage parlors offering "foot rubs" done by illegal businesses who are said to be part of human trafficking operations. The public needs to know that New Hampshire has a licensing requirement for reflexologist. If they don't ask or look for a license in the shop, they may be deceived. A Licensed Reflexologist will be able to show both a NH license as well as national Certification.

In 2009, when we first had the reflexology license enacted, the public was unaware of what reflexology was; and in large part thanks to World Reflexology Week and the work of RANH,many people have been able to experience reflexology first-hand. Some comments received during WRW include "I will never think of my feet in the same way;" and "I can't believe how relaxed and pain free my feet feel after just a 15 minute mini session"


We are so pleased to see how far reflexology has come in NH!

On behalf of the Reflexology Association of New Hampshire, 
Andrea Montgomery, President
Reflexology Association of New Hampshire

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